Best Hearing Aid Centre

Who we are?

iHear is a state of the art brand of Speech and hearing aid Center in Kolkata, West Bengal, spreading light across the nation. Our skilled professionals provide heartfelt services to patients with speech, hearing, and balance impairment in a great way. We aspire to broaden our horizons throughout the entire nation and put an end to human suffering, by improving the quality of life of people with speech and hearing impairment.

Why us?

There are a number of hearing aid clinics and manufacturers and each company has a slight difference or point of comparison. While we’re true to providing customers with choice and the most advanced hearing technology available, there is popular hearing aid brand as it all comes down to a matter of comfort or preference named as iHear. Whichever is the right product for you, we won’t just help you find it, and we’ll also ensure you’re fitted by an expert so you’re comfortable right from good to go.

What everyone needs to know about us

For this reason, everyone would love to say that, iHear is one of the best hearing aid center. We believe in delivering extraordinary services through the combined effort of professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, special educationists, and occupational therapists. iHear founded its first hearing aid clinic near Hooghly. We one of the first to come out with technologically advanced hearing aids. We are also one of the trusted brands in the sector of Cochlear Implant and speech therapy. We are doing our utmost good to automatically adjusts your hearing aids to suit your listening environment on the fly. As being one of the world’s most popular hearing aid brands, Siemens hearing aid is also one of the first to integrate Bluetooth into their devices.

What to consider when purchasing a hearing aid?

, Keep in mind that your hearing professional should be helping you understand the options:

You can avail of any services regarding hearing aid problems at your nearby iHear hearing aid center in Kolkata. Some of the important features that stand us apart from others are :

  1. Your hearing loss intensity –You need a hearing aid that is capable of providing adequate amplification. If you have a severe or profound hearing loss, you’ll need our device that can produce higher sound levels.
  2. Your comfortability to hear speech in noise –Speech in noise testing should be performed at every hearing evaluation. If you perform well on the test with amplification, our hearing aids are likely to help you in a noisy environment.
  3. Brand accessibility – Certain brands may unable to access your area. This may limit your options. But in our case, it’s totally easy to access.
  4. Important features – Our hearing professional will get you to know your listening needs and goals and suggest hearing aid features that can give you the most satisfaction and benefit.
  5. Your lifestyle – More advanced hearing aids are geared towards meeting the needs of those with the most active lifestyles. If you find yourself in more complex listening environments you should consider our product for higher technology.
  6. Best practices – Does your hearing care provider follow best practices? If you are unable to receive real ear measurement testing, you probably unable to get the most out of your hearing aids, even if they are top-of-the-line. Then iHear can help you out in this situation.

If you looking for a hearing and speech treatment center then definitely iHear can help you out for any after-sales services you can easily trust iHear service clinic which provides you a top-notch service within a proper time and place. For any Hearing aid dealer, iHear is in the top position for the dealership, iHear also has a good price range with a variation of in-ear products in their segment of Hearing aid in Kolkata.

Hear is one of the largest hearing aid service providers in eastern India, presents 8 different locations to serve you in a better way. We have a team of more than 30 highly experienced audiologists trained as per global protocol. We bring you the favourable facilities in hearing loss diagnosis, Cochlear implant, and Speech therapy services. Important of all, iHear has more than 10 years of experience in treating hearing disorders. With help from our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to international apparatus and strong customer focus, we are true to providing world-class hearing care to our valued customers. We have a wide range of Hearing Aids to choose from, as per your need and budget.

Best Hearing Aid clinic in Kolkata