Hearing Aid Fittings At Home: Authentic Guide from Hearing Aid Center in Kolkata

Perfect choice of hearing aid is important to ensure effectiveness.The doctor will recommend hearing aid after your hearing tests .ihear professional team will work with you to find out the perfect hearing aid for you. This step begins with hearing aid fitting and proper setup. The first step of hearing aid fitting entirely depends on the basic need of patients. ihear is the most trusted hearing aid center in Kolkata, and always there to support their customers and patients. ihear skilled professionals guide their patients on how to manage and maintain their hearing aid properly.

ihear competent professionals provide intense care and heartfelt services to their patients suffering from hearing impairment and speech problems. And true to provide most technologically advanced hearing aid in Kolkata.

Our team always finds out the best hearing aid for our patients according to their comfort, and budget. Not only guide to choose the right product for them, but also ensure work on the hearing aid fitting process. Thus patients get the best outcome from the very first day.

Guideline of hearing aid adjustment provided by hearing aid center in Kolkata

The hearing aid fitting process begins with an assessment of the patient’s particular problem and needs, ends with customized programming of the selected device.

Selecting, fitting, and customization of your hearing aid are the three most important steps before getting benefit from your hearing aid device. When you are satisfied with the hearing aid adjustment, you can enjoy your living without any hearing issues. ihear is the most trustworthy hearing aid center in Kolkata who constantly support their patients, and advise them about the proper use of their device.

Selection of the correct hearing aid

Choosing correct hearing aid is the first step before the adjustment and programming of the hearing device. That completely depends on the hearing test result of the patient. After analyzing the hearing loss intensity and customer preference our audiologist prescribes the hearing aid.

If someone has some specific preference, then he or she can discuss it with our clinical team. Suppose you lead a very active and social lifestyle, you may prefer a hearing aid which can assist you. You can tell us without any hesitation.

How to fit a hearing aid properly

Fitting of your hearing aid starts when you made your best choice according to your needs and medical advice. ihear provides you the best hearing aid in Kolkata. After that, you come to our clinic for hearing aid programming and customization.

Hearing aid programming and tuning it according to your problem is a very crucial step. Hearing impairment varies from person to person, so our ihear team will customize it according to you. After that run a test to ensure the best hearing aid customization.  To get the best result from your hearing aid, fine-tuning is must. The initial programming of your hearing aid provides a general overview of your requirements. Thus customization becomes easier.

There are some frequently asked questions about hearing aid fitting from patients. Will discuss them below. That will help you to understand more.

Some patients ask us “How do I clean my hearing device?” or “ How can I adjust the hearing aid volume?” or “ How can I change the battery of my hearing device?”

These are some common questions of our hearing aid customer, who wants to fit their device at home. There is no issue of asking questions, as we are committed to helping our clients. For this reason, our patients give positive feedback on our product and services, and ihear become the best hearing aid center in Kolkata.

Our team will always entertain queries of our patients, so don’t feel hesitate to ask them. After our complete guide, you can fit your hearing aid at home very easily.

How to adjust your hearing device?

If this is your first hearing aid from ihear, then we always suggest establishing a wearing schedule. Where you need to spend some time regularly to habituate with the new sound of your hearing device.  The portion of our brain that controls hearing, not capable of processing sound. As hearing restoration process requires a decent amount of time. It may take 15 days to a couple of months to properly adjust your first hearing aid. Our audiologist always recommends wearing your hearing aid regularly. As that will speed up the restoration process.

Keep in touch with our clinic, to get instant support from our team. In some cases, our audiologist assigns some homework to adjust your hearing device properly.

This assigned homework is very simple, yet you need to follow:

  • Wear your hearing aid regularly, first try it at the less crowded place, after that use it in the crowded environment. It is better to expose yourself gradually towards the new sound.
  • At first listen more radio show, lyrical soothing music, or audiobook. And try to evaluate your hearing aid efficiency.
  • Wear your hearing device outside, or in a congested area, or in the traffic jam. And try to hear sounds and speech.
  • Focusing on identifying sounds without opening your eyes. If your hearing device adjusted properly, you can identify the source behind the sound.

You need to run above small tests to check your hearing ability with the newly customized hearing aid. It will gradually adjust to your brain. If you face some difficulties, please contact us. We will help you to get fine-tuning with your hearing device.

Why ihear is the best hearing aid center in Kolkata

We believe in hundred percent commitments. If you are looking for the best hearing aid center in Kolkata, ihear is the best option for you. Because ihear is one of the largest hearing aid service providers in Kolkata. Our medical team made up with highly experience audiologists trained with the global protocol.

There are a number of clinics, but ihear is the most trusted hearing aid center in Kolkata, but ihear provides the most technologically advanced hearing aids in Kolkata. ihear is the best hearing aid brand if you are thinking about comfort and efficiency. Because we always recommend the right products and services for patients. Which is technologically advanced yet pocket-friendly.  We always do our best to automatically adjust your hearing aid and ensure the perfect hearing process.

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