Guide of Buying Hearing Aid- Recommended According To Hearing Aid Price in Kolkata

Choosing the model of your hearing aid depending on many factors, like budget, your hearing loss intensity, hearing aid price in Kolkata, and the additional feature you want. So ihear , the leading hearing aid center in Kolkata providing you a brief guide on how to buy hearing aid which ensures your need as well as comes into your budget.

So if the doctor prescribes you to use a hearing aid, then this guide might help to make the right choice. Before purchasing any hearing aid device from ihear, you need to consult with our hearing care professionals. Because they will give you valuable insight on your requirements. So here we are willing to guide our customers on this topic for better understanding.

Buying guide of hearing aids from hearing aid center in Kolkata

When you are prescribed with hearing aid from our audiologist, the next step is choosing a perfect hearing aid according to your hearing loss intensity. There are different types of hearing aids available in the market. So you may get confused to choose the perfect one, and which will be beneficial for you. But don’t worry, our clinical experts committed to giving assistance to our clients.

ihear recommend you the best hearing aid according to your comfort and budget. We care about our client’s budget, so we always provide the technologically advanced, yet budget-friendly hearing device. Our company offer different range of hearing aids as per hearing aid price in Kolkata. For this reason, people would love to say us, the best hearing aid center in Kolkata.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aid carries the sound from the environment to your inner ear and makes the sound louder. Today most of the hearing aids are digital and powered with digital aid batteries. In short, the hearing aid mechanism is small microphones collect sound from the environment, then given computer chip with an amplifier converts the incoming sound wave to digital code. After that, it customizes the sound according to your hearing loss, listening requirements and the level of sound vibration around you. Consequently, the amplified signals converted into sound again and delivered to your ear via the speaker.

Hearing aids are better than amplifiers

Yes, before buying any hearing aid, you should know that hearing aids and hearing amplifiers are not the same. Hearing aids are specifically designed for people suffering from hearing loss issues. But amplifiers can be used by anyone. Most of the patients mis-leaded by that, and take a wrong decision. But this is our responsibility to aware of our clients so that they can pick the best hearing aid without confusion.

Amplifiers used to boost up sound irrespective of nature and volume. This is perfect for the person wish to hear distant sounds or bird songs or subtle sounds. But it has a negative impact on our hearing system if we use it regularly. Thus hearing amplifier is not recommended for hearing loss patients, because it will increase the problem, instead of solving the issue.

What types of hearing aids are available?

There are different ranges of hearing aids available in the market. But we choose according to our customer preference and compatibility. Some hearing aids go in your ear, and some sit behind your earlobes. The hearing device mainly differs according to hearing loss intensity. So every patient might not be comfortable with each hearing aid listed below. This varies from patient to patient.  However, We will talk about the different style of hearing aids and recommend as per your budget, or hearing aid price in Kolkata. As we are committed to providing the best products at an affordable price. The customer comfort zone is our main priority so that they review our company as a leading hearing aid center in Kolkata.

BTE or Behind the ear hearing aid

This is the common and largest type of hearing aid. But now it comes in a mini version. Both of them sit behind your ear. It is easy to adjust, recommend for severe hearing loss patients.

Although it is a little bulky, and the patient may feel plugged in the ear.

ITE or in the ear hearing aid

This kind of hearing aid sits in the bowl of the ear, smaller than the BTE model. Patients feel more comfortable with this kind of hearing aids. It has very flexible features, and easy to insert. Although it is a little bit noticeable. Also less efficient than the BTE model,  so it usually recommends for low-intensity hearing loss.

ITC or in the canal hearing aid

In the canal hearing aid is quite similar to the ITE model. But smaller than it. This hearing aid sits in the ear canal. And relatively unnoticeable. Patients feel less plugged with it. But the ITC model powered by short life battery, and not easy to remove.

CIC or completely in the canal hearing aid

This is the smallest hearing aid among all of the above. They sit inside the ear completely. Less phone feedback, less wind noise, and completely invisible. But hard to adjust, and less battery life.

 Which hearing aid should I buy?

This is a common question from customers. The best hearing aid is entirely subjective, as technology constantly changing, and launch technologically advanced hearing aids. But being a leading hearing aid center in Kolkata we have to provide an efficient yet pocket-friendly hearing device to our customers. We always analyze on most effective and affordable hearing aids and recommend according to hearing aid price in Kolkata. With the help of our hearing care professionals, you can customize your choice.

Our clinical experts give you an insightful view of the cost versus value of our products. Sometimes extra features and expensive product doesn’t meet your requirements. You need a perfect hearing device without burning your pocket.

Our company is dealing with the most trusted hearing aid brands like Oticon, Interton, Siemens, Starkey, Phonak, Resound. You can check the price list from our website so that you will get a clear idea.