Hearing aid is alike any other medical device are significant investment and a most important thing in human life. Hearing aids are affordable in India starting from 1000 to 250000 according to your pocket needs. Central government and state government health department are working hand in hand to make it more affordable to the needed. They are also providing free giveaways to certain groups of person.

At ihear we believe our service is no less than others. We understand when it comes to better hearing, our expertise, care and advice you get is just as important as your hearing aids. Most people with hearing loss needs two hearing aids. Hearing aids are an important investment these you will be wearing almost all your waking hours for all days. So when it comes to hearing aids it is essential to be sure the money and time spent is well worth it.

The hearing price includes hearing test, consultation, initial fitting and follow up adjustment. ihear provides some of the best hearing aids available at a very affordable or cheap rate. The price is so affordable for hearing aids starting from as low as 1000INR

Hearing aids are also called hearing machine or hearing amplifier all of these works as fine as any hearing aids. Digital hearing aids with the advancement of technology have grabbed the market in its high peak

with its functionality of user friendly device and easy modification. The comparison with the other hearing aid has brought a mesmerizing impact in its digitalization. The digital hearing aids has marked up its standard in priority and choice.

There are different types of hearing aids to choose from depending on the size, shape and looks.

  1. BTE -Behind the ear
  2. Open-RIC
  3. ITE-Full Shell
  4. ITS- Half shell
  5. CIC – completely in canal
  6. IIC- Invisible in canal


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