What You Should Do

Wear swimmer’s ear plugs or a swim cap amidst high speed water sports such as water skiing.

Wear safety protection or ear muffs while mowing the lawn or shooting the gun.

If you are experiencing difficulties after taking part in these activities, seek some professional advice before taking part in such activities again.

Check your medications like antibiotics or drugs with your doctor so as to make sure that it does not pose a threat to your hearing.

Use earplugs instead of cotton wool as it can damage your hearing when pushed a bit far.

Do make an appointment to get your hearing tested if are having trouble hearing conversations, is exposed to loud noises regularly, have family members or relatives with hearing loss, or experiencing a ringing sound in your ears.

What You Should Not Do

Exposure to loud and excessive noises such as motorcycles, music players or power tools that can damage your hearing.

Put foreign objects to clean your ear canal. Have the wax cleaned through a warm flannel or by your doctor.

No precaution while taking part in activities such as scuba diving or flying that can cause ear damage, dizziness and hearing loss.

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