Modern Hearing Aid Technology and Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has grown up rapidly. It has improved significantly in the past few decades. And we can say digital hearing aids are the blessings of modern technology. Hearing aid devices made up of four important parts, like a processor, a receiver, a microphone, and a power source.

The microphone receives the sound vibration from the environment, and passes it into the processor. Next, the processor amplifies the signal and passes on to the receiver.  Now the receiver delivers the amplified signal to the ear canal. The power source (battery) controls the whole process of the hearing aid device.

Hearing aid technology ranges from basic to advanced that depends on the design and sophistication of the processor. Modern generation digital hearing aids offer more benefits at a reasonable price. ihear the leading hearing aid center in Kolkata provides most technologically advanced hearing aid devices at an affordable cost.

Digital hearing aids; the blessings of technology

Digital hearing aids are for the digital world. So we can say this is the blessings of technology. A simple digital hearing aid device is boon for medical science, and the patients suffering from hearing loss issues.  There are different types of technology, and they able to produce a variety of hearing aids. But the digital hearing aids are very comfortable, as well as convenient with our advanced lifestyle. So most of the trusted hearing aid center in Kolkata believes in digital technology.

Digital hearing aids are smart enough to interact with digital devices. It improves your quality of life. It work with the power of sound and improves your hearing experiences at another level.

The mechanism of digital hearing aids

Digital hearing aids designed in such a way that you can customize your hearing device according to your requirements. It always enhances your comfort and you will feel more confident. Digital hearing aids are easily adjustable. You don’t need to come to our clinic frequently for programming and customization. You can manage the sound so that you feel more natural and comfortable.

Another and most important benefit of the digital hearing aid is, it can pair up with other digital devices like smart phones and tablets in a different way. This is so convenient that you will forget about your hearing loss issues.

Digital hearing aids are very smart and stylish, relatively small than previously used hearing aids that used to clog your ear. This is discreet material and completely blends in after wearing it into the ear. So we can say that it is almost like an invisible hearing aid. You can use it in your workplace as well as in the entertainment room.

Most important hearing aid features discussed below

Before buying any hearing aid from hearing aid providers, you should know the important features of the hearing device. ihear, one of the renowned hearing aid centers in Kolkata Collaborates with authorized brands like Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, interton, Phonax, Danavox, and Signia. And committed to providing technologically advanced, yet affordable hearing aids to our customers.

Let’s discuss them below

Top-of-the-line sound processing

Each hearing aid processes sound. Digital hearing aids also do the same job but in a very unique and smart way. When sound arrives into the hearing aid devices, it separates them into the chunk of sounds and digitized prior to the amplification. The more advanced hearing aid is more capable of customizing the chunk of sounds. Thus improves the sound quality of your device.

Digital hearing aids work as per frequency response customization. Suppose you have high-frequency hearing loss, and then it only amplifies high-frequency sound. But normal hearing aids will amplify both mid and high-frequency sounds, which may create confusion for you.

Bluetooth compatibility

In the era of technology and digitalization, Bluetooth compatibility is the most important feature in modern hearing aids. So that it can connect with your mobile phone, and other electronic devices. Bluetooth compatibility can improve the signal-to-noise ratio. And delete sound feedback from the microphones, as signal bypass the microphone and enters directly into the microphone processor. Bluetooth connection inhibits sound interference. Thus improve the sound quality of your hearing device.

Directional microphone

It is also another important feature of digitalized hearing aids. Directional microphones designed in such a way that they can amplify the sound coming from the front side of the wearer, and alleviate the sounds coming from other directions. The directional microphone connected with digital hearing aid improves speech understanding in the crowded area, or in the background noise.

Binaural processing

Our both eyes allow us to see our three-dimensional world. Similarly, we need both of our ears to hear the complete sound of our surroundings. When a hearing loss patient use hearing aids in both of his ears, the binaural processing help both of the device interact with each other. Therefore customize their settings.

Automatic programming

High-end hearing aids carry this exceptional feature. Now automatic programming is the most attractive feature in the hearing aid industry.  This magnificent feature detects and analyzes the sound interrupting vibrations in the environment, and removes background noise. Thus able to provide a crystal clear sound. Automatic programming is associated with artificial intelligence.  So it can measure your listening habits, and program your hearing device accordingly.

Digital noise reduction technology

Noise reduction technology is important to improve hearing aid sound quality. Digital noise reduction technology makes background noise less disturbing and ensures the quality of mainstream sound. ihear the leading hearing aid center in Kolkata, and West Bengal focusing on the comfort and compatibility of the patient. So now our main focus is to bring hearing aids, that have digital noise reduction technology.

  • Impulse noise reduction technology ameliorates listening comfort. It identifies any transient loud noise and eliminates them instantly.
  • Wind noise reduction is best applicable for the person wants to enjoy the outdoor life, like boaters, golfers, and also best suited for winter, snowfall. This technology detects the interruption of wind blowing, and reduces the intensity of it.

So there are a number of digital hearing aids available in the market, but which one is best for you!

To make a perfect choice you can consult with our hearing care professionals. They will guide you according to your hearing loss intensity.