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Ethically designed clinical services are the main strength of iHear. Our main concern is to diagnose speech and hearing impairment across different socio-economic demographic strata across the country. Highly skilled professional work together to work towards eradicating speech and hearing impairment by all sorts of modernized and R&D based strategy implementation. We impart best clinical outcome through finest service delivery models.
Pankaj Sarkar, RCI & ISHA Certified Audiologist


Reaching out to the disabled individuals with accessible and affordable services at the right time.


Cure all hearing & speech disabilities across the nation and restore normalcy to their lifestyles.


iHear stands as the forefront brand in Hearing and Speech Healthcare Centers in Kolkata, illuminating the nation with its cutting-edge services. Our adept professionals deliver compassionate care to individuals experiencing speech, hearing, and balance impairments in an exemplary manner. As we aim to expand our reach across the entire nation, our goal is to alleviate human suffering by enhancing the quality of life for those facing speech and hearing challenges. Recognized as the “Best Hearing Aid Kolkata,” iHear takes pride in being the premier choice for individuals seeking the finest Hearing Aid clinic in Kolkata.

We believe in delivering extraordinary services by the combined effort of the professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, special educationist and occupational therapists

There are a number of hearing aid brands and manufacturers and each company has their own slight difference or point of comparison. While we’re indeed to providing customers with choice and the most advanced hearing technology available, there is best hearing aid brand as it all comes down to a matter of comfort or preference named as iHEAR. Whichever is the right product for you, we won’t just help you find it, and we’ll also ensure you’re fitted by an expert so you’re comfortable right from good to go.

iHear stands out as a cutting-edge Hearing and Speech Healthcare Centre in West Bengal, casting its enlightening services across the nation. Our adept professionals are dedicated to delivering compassionate care to patients grappling with speech, hearing, and balance impairments. Our vision extends beyond borders, aiming to reach every corner of the nation and alleviate human suffering by enhancing the quality of life for those with speech and hearing challenges.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through the collaborative efforts of a multidisciplinary team, comprising audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, special educationists, and occupational therapists. Together, we strive to provide extraordinary services, ensuring the well-being and improvement of the lives of individuals facing speech and hearing impairments.

iHear is a state of the art brand of Hearing and Speech Healthcare Centre in Kolkata, spreading light across the nation. Our skilled professionals provide heartfelt services to patients with speech, hearing and balance impairment in a great way. We aspire to broaden our horizon throughout the entire nation and put an end to human suffering, by improving the quality of life of people with speech and hearing impairment.

We believe in delivering extraordinary services by the combined effort of the professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, special educationist and occupational therapists.

On what to consider when purchasing a hearing aid. Keep in mind that your hearing professional should be helping you understand the options:

iHEAR provide this solution at your door step

1. Your hearing loss intensity – You need a hearing aid that is capable of providing adequate amplification. If you have a severe or profound hearing loss, you’ll need our device that can produce higher sound levels.

2. Your comfort ability to hear speech in noise – Speech in noise testing should be performed at every hearing evaluation. If you perform well on the test with amplification, our hearing aids are likely to help you in noisy environment.

3. Brand accessibility – Certain brands may not be accessible in your area. This may limit your options. But in our case it’s totally easy to access.

4. Important features – Our hearing professional will get you to know your listening needs and goals and suggest hearing aid features that can give you the most satisfaction and benefit.

5. Your lifestyle – More advanced hearing aids are geared towards meeting the needs of those with the most active lifestyles. If you find yourself in more complex listening environments you should consider our product for higher technology.

6. Best practices – Does your hearing care provider follow best practices? If you aren’t receiving real ear measurement testing, you probably won’t get the most out of your hearing aids, even if they are top-of-the-line. Then iHEAR can help you out in this situation.

If you are in search of a hearing aid center in Kolkata, iHEAR is the ideal solution. We offer reliable after-sales services that you can trust, ensuring top-notch assistance in a timely manner and at a convenient location. When it comes to hearing aid dealers in Kolkata, iHEAR holds the top position for dealership services. Additionally, iHEAR provides competitive pricing within its product segment, making it the preferred choice for those seeking high-quality hearing aids in Kolkata.

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