Invisible Hearing Aids: Modern Device in Small Package

Modern technology successfully discovered the most demanding invisible hearing aids. often patients are seeking help from doctors for their hearing loss issues, but they have the stigma of wearing hearing aids. But now with the blessing of technology and digitalization, you can wear hearing aids to solve your hearing problems, and that will be 100% invisible.

These types of hearing aids are designed in such a way that they sit completely in the ear canal. The invisible hearing aids have very small components like microphones, receivers, and chips that completely insert into the ear canal. The invisible hearing aids are the one-stop solution for people who were seeking for a cosmetic solution to get relief from hearing loss. It designed with the help of digital technology. Therefore it is so small that creates a new dimension of hearing aid structure.

This device also medically termed as IIC hearing aids. These IIC aids generally placed at the later part of the ear canal. Closer to the tympanic membrane.

Selection criteria for purchasing invisible hearing aids

Like other hearing aids, there are also having some selection criteria for purchasing invisible hearing aids. As this is not best suited for everyone. You should take guidance from an audiologist before buying an invisible hearing aid.

There are a number of hearing aid brands and manufacturers who used to provide good quality hearing aids in affordable rates. ihear is one of them.  We committed to give 100% assistance to our clients. We are able to deliver extraordinary services by the combined effort of competent audiologists and other hearing care professionals.  Also, provide good quality hearing aids at a reasonable price. We mainly concentrate on customer preference or customer choice. Because everyone has the stigma of using hearing aids. No one wants to show their physical issues in the corporate world. Depending on the circumstances and the intensity of hearing loss our audiologist prescribes them the most preferable invisible hearing aids.

Customer compatibility and comfort is our first priority.  Therefore they used to give positive feedback, and for this reason, ihear become the leading hearing aid center in Kolkata and West Bengal.

We mention some selection criteria of invisible hearing aids that might be helpful for you

Physical aspects

  • The ear canal of the individual should be relatively straight. And ear canal volume should be minimum 8mm x 8mm
  • Hearing loss intensity should be at a low to moderate level. IIC hearing aids don’t have a more powerful receiver till date for high intensity hearing loss.
  • The patient should not have any conductive pathology, like perforation of ear membrane or eardrum and ear discharge.
  • The individual should be physically and mentally active. Because individual hearing aids should be maintained very carefully.
  • If the patient has excessive earwax issues, then he or she should avoid using invisible hearing aids.

Our audiologists take an impression for your device

After checking the criteria of using invisible aids our audiologists will take an impression for the customized hearing device. It is a simple but important step of your hearing loss treatment and selecting the invisible options.  Now hear care professionals will take the next step.

Taking an impression of the ear canal is a very crucial job even for the very experienced audiologists.

The few consideration an audiologist should observe during ear canal impression

  • The audiologist should have keen eyes and sufficient experience in his field. This is the first and most important criterion before measuring ear canal volume.
  • He/she will use vented auto blocks conjugated with plastic tubing, this will ensure there is no unwanted pressure build-up in the ear canal.
  • Clinically we recommend oto-fluid on the cotton tip of the oto-block, to prevent any cotton part adhering with the tympanic membrane.
  • Application of auto impression gun tool ensures optimum mixing, which is perfect for correct impression.

Variety of hidden hearing aids

There are different types of invisible hearing aids are available in the market. You need to select according to your problem, lifestyle, and workplace ( indoor or outdoor). However, CIC or completely-in-canal and ITE or in-the-ear hearing aids are highly popular in the modern age of hearing aid technology. Both of them sit completely inside the ear canal, and not visible to other people. So these are best suited for corporate employees and the young generation.

Tiny and discreet hearing aid

  • In the ear and completely in the canal hearing aid.
  • It offers discretion and comfort without compromising the sound quality
  • It has no external parts that can be visible by anyway.
  • ITE model structured in such a way that it can sit perfectly in the shell of the ear.

Highly sophisticated device

  • A most recent type of hidden hearing aid.
  • Technically complexes than a Smartphone
  • It can perform much additional function like, streaming audio, and connecting your mobile with Bluetooth technology.

Very sensitive invisible hearing aid

  • Completely in the canal or in-the-ear hearing aid.
  • Very impressive and crystal clear sound quality
  • They do not experience any interference due to inclement weather or wind.
  • Its settings will not be disturbed when you wear any cap or hat.

Invisible hearing aid price in India

IIC or invisible hearing aid is little costlier than normal hearing aids. As it is the most miniature version. Hearing aid accessories like microphones and receivers are made with the help of miniaturized technology. In India invisible hearing aids starting from 60k-80K. Starkey is the topmost brands if we say about the invisible hearing device. Here the price starting from 95k.

This brand offers perfectly fitting hearing aids, that completely fit in the deep bony part of your ear canal.

Deep fitting hearing aids can reduce the chance of occlusion. Because bony part of the ear does not internally vibrate like cartilaginous part of the ear when we talk.

This is the highly miniature size and microphone locate in the canal, you don’t feel the obstacle using the phone.  The natural acoustic of Starkey hearing aids helps the pinna localizing the direction of the sound.

For more details, you can contact the nearest ihear branch, the hearing aid center in Kolkata. Our professionals will genuinely guide you.

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