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Noise Pollution in Diwali

After the celebration of durgapuja, dusserah, it comes Diwali  with it’s new style and custom. The problem is that the new style is full of crackers, not the lights which causes air and sound pollution. Modern music system gives this problem an extra edge.

Any sound above 85 DB has the potential to harm our ears. Do you know, the sound level during diwali is in between 140-175 DB, a range that is high enough to cause permanent hearing damage.

The problem  with the effect of hearing in diwali became more complicated if there is a new born baby or elder person in your house. It seems like all of us have a common concern but do not know the solution. Right ?

For new born babies who doesn’t crawl or walk it’s easy to protect them from noise or pollution but what about babies who start crawling and walking and doesn’t want to be in closed room. Babies near about 1yr old already start walking and don’t want to be in one room or one place for long time and its very difficult for parent’s to keep them in a room.

For new born babies, parents may put some cotton padding in his little ears & close the rooms since evening before the crackers started to avoid any kind of pollution to get in the room.

Tips to Protect :

Be an example: Buy some outstanding lights to attract your neighbours and make them interested to celebrate with lighting and flowers, not with crackers.Effect of the crackers on the environment causes air and noise pollution during the festival of light.


1.Do it Now : Encourage them to celebrate peacefully  with you from now. Do it before they start their Diwali preparation; it’s difficult to stop them from bursting crackers that they’ve already bought!


  1.  2. Prevention is better than cure :The effect of hearing in diwali can be brutal for infants which may cause Aquastic trauma, temporary threshold shift, or even permanent threshold shift. So, protect your baby’s ears from crackers using cotton ear balls or earmuffs or baby earplugs. Take care to roll the cotton earplugs tightly so that the cotton does not get stuck in baby’s ears. Earplugs can reduce the frequency of sound, although cannot block the noise completely if it is very loud.


  1.  3. Silence Room : prepare a room where the noise is least than the other corner of your house. Take your baby Immediately if he got disrupted by unusual sounds. Close the door(obviously) and turn on AC.

4.Last Option: If you are willing to burst crackers for Diwali, then go for  the noiseless ones like sparklers and spinners. They look beautiful and bright but minus the noise keeping in mind the effect of environment on diwali.


Diwali is also the festival of joy so make it special with happiness and togetherness. Make your Diwali special for yourself, your kids and your family.

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