10 best midrange hearing aids – hearing aid price in kolkata

10 best midrange hearing aids – hearing aid price in kolkata

10 best midrange hearing aids:

Are you looking for a hearing aid to buy? 10 best midrange hearing aids 2023 by Our Audiologists in IHEAR.IN

In ihear is the premier hearing aid center in Kolkata, providing top-notch audiology services to patients of all ages. Our team of renowned audiologists and cutting-edge infrastructure ensures that you receive the best care possible for your hearing needs.

Hearing aids amplify sounds for people with hearing loss. Even if they don’t completely restore your hearing, the right device can significantly improve your hearing.

Our hearing aid overview provides everything you need to know to find the right device for your needs.

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  1. Signia Motion C&G 1Nx (BTE):

Product Description:

  • Only Applicable for Devices Sold and Fulfilled by A2Z BRAND Dual onboard controls
  • The high-capacity Li-ion power cell of Motion Charge&Go Nx supports top Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to enjoy long-lasting high-quality audio streaming. By charging up the power cell while they sleep, they can trust their hearing aids to always deliver the sounds they want to hear.
  • Wearers no longer worry that they might struggle to change disposable batteries. This contactless charging system gives wearers complete convenience, knowing that the hearing aids charge as they should every time.
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity. Robust housing
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion power cell for durable performance even when streaming

Signia Motion C&G 1Nx (BTE) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 49,990/=

  • Signia Pure C&G 1Nx (RIC):

Product Description: Equipped with all benefits of the new Signia Nx platform, Pur™ 312 Nx keeps the wearer’s own voice and remaining soundscape in perfect balance. This way, it offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance in a small, elegant housing.

Signia Pure C&G 1Nx (RIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 49,990/=

  • Signia Pure3Px (RIC):


  • Acclimatization Manager
  • Data Logging
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Frequency Compression
  • Music Streaming
  • Noise Management
  • Rechargeable
  • Tinnitus Masker
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Wireless

Add On Features:

  • e2e wireless
  • Learning
  • Narrow Directionality
  • SoundSmoothing
  • SpeechMaster
  • TwinPhone
  • Speech Management

Signia Pure3Px (RIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 49,990/=

  • Phonak Naida P 30 UP (BTE):

Product Description: The new Marvel platform expresses our boundless commitment to improve hearing without limitations. Offering excellent hearing performance, speech understanding and sound quality – regardless of the listening environment. What set the Marvel platform in a league of its own are not just the individual features alone, but the combination of all. They feature all of Phonak’s cutting edge technologies integrated into one cohesive system, working harmoniously together.

Phonak Naida P 30 UP (BTE) hearing aid price in Kolkata:48,500/=

  • Resound Key 4 NP(BTE):

ReSound Key offers premium features for entry-level hearing aids. You will enjoy excellent sound quality and clarity, allowing you to once again enrich your senses with the sounds of life. Based on ReSound’s organic hearing philosophy, they mimic the natural hearing experience, allowing you to hear speech more clearly and locate sounds more easily. They do it all conveniently, reliably, and effortlessly, so you’ll grow with your experience every day. From birdsong to children laughing, nothing escapes your ReSound key.


  • Hearing sounds clearly with less effort
  • Streaming great sound from the smart devices
  • Rechargebility is now essential
  • ReSound Assist and ReSound Assist Live

Resound Key 4 NP(BTE) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 47,995/=

  • Starkey Muse iQ i 1200 (BTE/RIC/CIC):

Product Description: Starkey’s Muse iQ 1000 BTE PP is the entry level product with Synergy platform. The hearing aid is best suitable for patient with Moderate severe to profound loss.

it has 10 channels and 10 bands with features like spectral IQ, Environment adaptation, etc. Please call us today to know more on this product and get the best price.

Starkey Muse iQ i 1200 (BTE/RIC/CIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 45,000/=

  • Resound Key 361 (RIE):

Product Description: Resound Key 361 DRWC RIE is Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid manufactured by Resound. Suitable for Mild to Profound Hearing Loss. It has 8 Channel. Full on Gain 62/67/74/82 dB. Fitting Range 20-110 dB. Features: Natural Directionality2, Impulse Noise Reduction, DFS-Ultra @ with Music Mode , Synchronized Soft Switching, Soft Switching , Multiscope Adaptive Directionality, Adaptive Directionality, Environmental Classifier, DFS Ultra II, Music Mode.

Resound Key 361 (RIE) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 43,995/=

  • Resound Key 4 (CIC):

Product Description: Most reliable wireless charging system, Natural directionality, Impulse noise reduction and DFS ultra ii with music mode. This feature helps you to understand speech clearly in a noisy situation and also be aware of the surroundings at the same time.

Resound Key 4 (CIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 40,995/=

  • Signia Pure 312 1Nx (RIC)

Product Description:

  • 16 channels
  • UltraHD e2e
  • Direct Streaming
  • Speech and Noise Management
  • Telecare
  • Automatic & Adaptive Directionality
  • Extended dynamic Range
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • IP68 Rating

Signia Pure 312 1Nx (RIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 39,990/=

  1. Starkey Muse i 1200 (BTE/RIC/CIC)

Product Description:

  • Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.
  • Custom fit to your ear
  • Our second smallest custom hearing aid style
  • Less visible than larger custom styles
  • Small size may be challenging to wearers with dexterity issues
  • Small batteries require more frequent changing
  • Small size cannot accommodate manual volume or memory controls

Starkey Muse i 1200 (BTE/RIC/CIC) hearing aid price in Kolkata: 38,000/=

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