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IHEAR is Kolkata’s most trusted Hearing Aid Centre & Clinic, where we use the latest medical advances to provide clinical benefits to patients with complex hearing and speech disorders. All of our team members have been in this industry for more than years. From research to providing quality care, we do what our patients need to improve their outcomes.

The IHEAR treatment model has successfully helped thousands of patients and patients. Familys. This is why we are always the top rated hearing aid clinic in Kolkata. If you have hearing or speech difficulties, you should choose the HearUp treatment model as it gives you access to:

360-degree Hearing & Speech Treatment Services: We want to be your one-stop machining center. From timely diagnostic tests to state-of-the-art hearing aids and amplifiers; We provide everything that is needed for a successful diagnosis & Treatment of hearing/speech problems.

The Latest Diagnostic Tests: IHEAR is also the most advanced audiometric testing provider in Kolkata. We also offer a variety of diagnostic tests and services to assess neurodevelopmental delays, cognition, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and more. various other hearing/speech disorders. We also offer a hearing test for children and amplifiers; Pure tone PEA test.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Access new and emerging treatment techniques that can only be found at the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata. Other facilities do not have access to such advanced treatment equipment and techniques.

Expert Care: Receive holistic, integrated care for all types of complex hearing and speech disorders from multidisciplinary teams of experienced clinicians.

IHEAR Kolkata’s most trusted Hearing Aid Centre & Clinic that aims to change the lives of people with hearing loss and make them aware of the importance of hearing protection. Our goal is to help our patients hear the important things in life using the best technology available. An audiologist with many years of experience guides each patient through the step-by-step assessment and selects the best amplification based on the client’s budget and needs. We are passionate about providing excellent service and support while building long-term relationships with our customers.

Our experienced Audiologist has the knowledge, care, and patience to explain your results, and guide you to the best way to treat your hearing troubles, or to protect your hearing to avoid further issues.

Best audiologist in kolkata

Choosing the right hearing care professional is crucial if you want to improve your hearing. At Hearing Aid Centre & Clinic in kolkata our staff is highly trained to help you with your hearing needs, because we take the time to listen to your concerns, making sure you leave with the right answers and information about your hearing.

In addition, our clinic is equipped with the latest testing technology and a hearing aid fitting system, offering our clients the most advanced range of hearing aid technologies.

Our doctors and administrative staff are also trained in Kolkata for hearing/speech and audiometric examinations. Make an appointment today for one of our interviews & hearing care professional Call us now! +91 033 2664 3800

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