Can treating hearing loss reduce stress? The Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata

What is stress? In small doses, stress is very beneficial. Stress triggers the body’sfight-or-flight response, forcing us into action. When weare faced with a stressor, the stress response causes blood torush to our muscles, our heart rateaccelerates and weget an extra boost of energy. It’s great when you suddenly face a lion, but in our modern society, the responseto stress isn’tthatpositive. Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata, In our busy lives full of stressors, we can live under constant stress. It destroys us and exhausts our body.Inadditionto the emotional drain fromconstantanxiety, stress can also weaken the immune system, cause headaches, affect heart health, and even lead to hearing loss.

Does stressaffecthearing?

Our ears depend on a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood and good circulation. Anything that restricts bloodflow, from heart disease to smoking andhighbloodpressure, can damage your hearing. Stress also cutsoffbloodflow to the earsanddiverts blood to other parts of the body. When you’reunder chronic stress, cells in your ear can become damaged or even die, leading to hearing loss.

Hypertension and Hearing Loss
Stress and hypertension go hand in hand. This high blood pressure is the most likely cause of stress-related hearing loss and tinnitus. If you have hearing loss caused by stress or hypertension, you may:

1. Feel that your ears are blocked or full
2. Experience muffled sounds
3. Have pain or pressure in the ear
4. Experience hearing loss or tinnitus in one or both ears
5. Hear tinnitus

Stress and tinnitus Stress can also cause tinnitus. It’s a buzzing, ringing, hissing, or hissing sound that originates in your head. Noise is not caused by an external stimulus and can be disruptive, irritating or stressful.

Like hearing loss, tinnitus can be caused by damage to the cells in the inner ear. If you already have tinnitus, stress can also make your tinnitus worse, leading to more symptoms and more discomfort.Stress-related tinnitus can also be a throbbing tinnitus. This is tinnitus that is rhythmic in nature because the tinnitus vibrates to the rhythm of the heart. It can be a sign of poor circulation and a lot of stress. iHEAR is the Best Hearing Aid Clinic in Kolkata.

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