Pure Tone Audiometry

Dead!        Dead!       Dead!

I am sure this is what your heart and mind seems to scream out and say while you start having debatable relationship with any of the 5 goddesses- Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ganesha or Karthik- as we since birth have been worshipping them in return of something good and worthy to get- to be “truly speaking”.

I hope you are getting it, as I compare the 5 goddesses with the 5 senses of our body- which are an integral part of our life- but they give us less chance to worship them with fruits, sweets and yummy dishes. I guess I’m making some sense, right??

Such are these senses- taste, touch, smell, sight and HEARING.

The key organs are more susceptible to frequent damages and hence come the “magical” thoughts and work by the amazing creatures on earth- The “Humans”.

Such is one of the works brought to you by “iHEAR”- this organization’s service comes before you as a saviour to one of your senses- which is HEARING- as it now has a way to assess hearing threshold levels of an individual and finally determination of degree, type and configuration of hearing loss.

It is named as PTA- Pure Tone Audiometry which is applicable generally for those aged 3 years or beyond provided that the patient must be psychologically intact. It is mainly necessary for both air and bone conduction to know the type of hearing loss.

Some very common symptoms for hearing loss would be:

  • Loss of directionality of sound
  • Difficulty in understanding speech, especially of women and children
  • Pain or pressure in the ears
  • A blocked feeling (sounds or speech becoming dull,muffled or attenuated)

“Prevention is better than cure”- a phrase that has been running since ages- and it has proved for sure its validity each time we become victims to traumatizing diseases or untoward accidents.

Some such ways of significant prevention from hearing loss are:

  • Immunization against rubella- an influenza, s. pneumoniae.
  • Efforts to prevent premature birth
  • Immunization against measles, mumps, meningitis

Effective noise regulation at work place by using PPE, or engg. Controls along with screening of all new-borns as recommended by ‘United States Preventive services Task force’ can be highly effective to mask the further pitiable consequences caused by hearing impairment.

Treatment and getting cured:

Proper treatment can ultimately save many lives from getting spoiled. Most hearing loss that results from age and noise is progressive and irreversible and there are presently no recommended treatments. So, the best way to effectively manage this problem is by using hearing aids. Some assistive devices can be used in daily lives are the TTY (telephone typewriter), text phone, minicom, TDD, etc. Some other new technologies include IP Relay Captioned telephone technologies- are of sufficient help and are worth to be used efficiently. With the advancement of time and technology- wireless, internet and mobile phones/sms are beginning to take over the role of TDD. Real time text technologies which allows conversational use of text, instant messaging software, and video conferencing technologies permit signed conversations for will sustaining times.

Video relay service, video remote interpreting (VRI) services, hearing logs for assistance, along with doorbells, smoke alarms are of wide use.

It is very well known to us that any disease or malfunctioning of any organ of our body if can be cured- has certain allotted time for getting completely healed up or to land up in a better condition than the earlier one. Hence, the probability of getting cured and time span required totally depends on the degree and type of hearing loss that a person suffers from- be it in the initial or final stages.

The benefits that iHEAR provides in this particular field includes:

Ambient noise sensing

  • room noise is actively monitored to ensure test accuracy
  • test is paused when noise level interferes

Calibrated earphones

  • earphones are calibrated for accurate testing
  • automatic calibration checks ensure continuous accuracy

An efficient and worthy professional is always the key to evident prosperity and success for any kind of work that demands efficiency and thorough back-up of proper knowledge in the required field. Hence, this demands only a qualified audiologist (master and bachelor in audiology with proper registrations under Rehabilitation Council of India- according to the latest news of govt. of India).

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