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Hearing aid in Kolkata is now more affordable and advance. As a capital of West Bengal we have our office and testing centre established in Kolkata, is IHEAR to cater the need and requirements of the people of Kolkata for their ear related problems and for any kind of listening difficulties we have the best hearing machines in Kolkata from different brands and companies like Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Resound, Widex and many more reliable original brands. Our Primary focus is to evaluate the listening and ear related problems by our supreme ear care professionals and audiologists.

We have one of the best testing facilities and one of the best facilities to recognize and respond to the diverse and unique needs of our patients in Kolkata to determine which hearing aids are right for them. At Healthy Hearings, our main focus is to reach patients with partial or total hearing impairment so that we can offer them the best affordable hearing aids in Kolkata.

Our objective and target is to provide the best hearing consultation at a minimum price so that anybody and everybody can afford it. Hearing aid machine price in Kolkata is the most reasonable in healthy Hearings.

Here we care about our patients and strive to provide the best hearing care and hearing aids at a minimal cost. Audiometric hearing consultations and all types of adult hearing screening are available at Healthy Hearings Kolkata testing center to assess Kolkata hearing aid needs and provide quality hearing aids of different brands. Our ear testing and assessment center at Healthy Hearings Kolkata is the best among hearing aid center in Kolkata.

Why us?

There are a number of hearing aid clinics and manufacturers and each company has a slight difference or point of comparison. While we’re true to providing customers with choice and the most advanced hearing technology available, there is popular hearing aid brand as it all comes down to a matter of comfort or preference named as iHear. Whichever is the right product for you, we won’t just help you find it, and we’ll also ensure you’re fitted by an expert so you’re comfortable right from good to go.

What everyone needs to know about us
For this reason, everyone would love to say that, iHear is one of the best hearing aid centers. We believe in delivering extraordinary services through the combined effort of professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, special educationists, and occupational therapists. iHear founded its first hearing aid clinic near Hooghly. We one of the first to come out with technologically advanced hearing aids. We are also one of the trusted brands in the sector of Cochlear Implant and speech therapy. We are doing our utmost good to automatically adjust your hearing aids to suit your listening environment on the fly. As being one of the world’s most popular hearing aid brands, Siemens hearing aid is also one of the first to integrate Bluetooth into their devices.

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RCI & ISHA certified Audiologist || New aid instead of old aid || Free product trial || Door step services for Sr. citizen people || Money back guarantee

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