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Hearing Loss Cause and Treatment in Kolkata

Hearing loss is a common problem after a certain age. Here we will talk about the Cause of Hearing loss and treatment in Kolkata.

In modern age approx 33.33% old age people in India, suffering from different degrees of hearing loss.

Three common types of hearing loss are there.

  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Sensorineural damage
  • Mixed, it refers to the combination of both.

Long term exposure to high intensity sound and aging are the main reason behind hearing loss. But apart from them, excess earwax can reduce the capacity of hearing.

Cause of hearing loss and treatment in Kolkata

As we have said on the above, there are three types of hearing loss, Here we will discuss them briefly.

Conductive hearing loss and different hearing loss treatment in Kolkata

The main causes of conductive hearing Loss are defects in the eardrum, ear canal or in middle ear bone ( malleus, incus, and stapes ). In this case, the patient can’t hear the faint sound because the outer ear part doesn’t work properly. Sound unable to reach from outer ear to inner ear part. Hearing aid kolkata

The common cause of conductive hearing loss

  • External or foreign objects in the ear
  • Infection in the middle ear, and accumulation of the fluid block the movement of the eardrum, and
  • Having cut or hole in the eardrum (perforated eardrum)
  • Defected Eustachian tube function
  • Infection in the ear canal
  • Accumulation of ear wax
  • A benign tumor in-ear.
  • Otosclerosis, a hereditary disorder of ear.

Sensorineural hearing Loss

SNHL or Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the inner part of the ear gets damaged. Defects or abnormality of a nerve pathway from the inner ear to the brain causes SNHL.In this case patient unable to hear the soft sound. Even louder sound may be hard to hear. Hearing aid kolkata

Sensorineural loss of hearing is the most common permanent hearing loss. Surgery or medicine can’t cure it. The hearing aid is necessary to overcome permanent hearing loss. Hearing aid kolkata

Cause of Sensorineural hearing Loss

  • Use of some drugs that are toxic to hearing
  • The genetic cause of permanent hearing loss
  • Long term illness, nerve problems
  • Continuous exposure of loud noise.
  • Aging
  • An intense blow to the head.
  • Infection or defects in the inner ear.

Mixed hearing Loss

In some cases, conductive hearing loss takes place with sensorineural hearing loss. That is because of damage of the outer ear, along with the inner ear. Hearing aid kolkata

Cause of mixed hearing loss

It depends on too many factors. Things that may cause both conductive or Sensorineural hearing loss are responsible for mixed hearing loss.

Different types of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata

If you are suffering from any kind of hear loss problems, then ihear is the best solution for you. Because they provide various types of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata. As they use the most advanced techniques and equipment to treat hear loss or hearing impairment. They use different types of modern techniques, and therapies, that will discuss below.

Online hearing test

If you feel, you are suffering from some hear loss problems, and miss some words in a crowded area. Go for the online hearing test. By testing, you can check the ability to listen to words and high-frequency sounds in a noisy environment.

That online test will determine whether you need a doctor consultation or not.  In this test, you will be asked a few questions, in high background noise, and that will intensify to check your hearing capacity. After that you will get a hearing test result,  You will consult with the doctor according to your online test result. Hearing aid kolkata

Use of hearing aid

Hearing aid is the type of electrical device,that improves hearing by making the sound audible to the person, having impaired hearing. This electronic device amplifies the sound, and make it louder. You have to wear them behind your ear.

Everyone won’t be benefited by hearing aid. But 25% of people, who lose their hearing ability due to aging, can be benefited through the hearing aid. In major cases, patients who lost their hearing ability due to damage of the inner ear, or damage of nerve that linked with brain, can use a hearing aid. Hearing aid kolkata

ihear is one of the best hearing aid provider, it provides the best hearing loss treatment in Kolkata.

Cochlear implant

If you are suffering from hearing loss, and not benefitted by hearing aid, Cochlear implant is the best option for you. This is also applicable for children suffering from post-lingual deafness.  A hearing aid amplifies the sound, thus you can listen. But in the case of a Cochlear implant, they bypass the impaired part of the ear and stimulate the nerve, associated with hearing directly.

Cochlear implant improves the capacity to understand speech, and ensures the clarity of sound. This surgically implanted device able to do all functions of the damaged part of the inner ear, or cochlea. Thus your hearing capacity comes back as normal.

Pure Tone Audiometry

PTA or pure tone audiometry is a behavioral test, to measure the hearing sensitivity. This is the process to check the central and peripheral auditory system. PTT or pure tone treatment can determine the degree, configuration or type of hearing loss.


The tympanometry test is applicable for the impairment of the middle ear, and to check the eardrum mobility. This is an objective test of middle ear function. It measures the energy transmitted via the middle ear.

Apart from these four treatments, ihear provides different kinds of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata. Like special tests (SISI/ TDT/ ABLB), speech audiometry test, Psychological assessment, Otoacoustic emission test,  Audio-verbal therapy, ASSR, ECOCHG, BERA, BOA, Audio-Verbal therapy,  Ear mould repair, hearing counseling. Hearing aid benefits assessments. Hearing aid kolkata

I hear in association with Uttarpara speech and hearing center come up with advanced equipment and modern technology to provide best hearing loss treatment in Kolkata, at an affordable cost. ihear clinic is maintained by renowned medical professionals, to ensure the efficiency of each process and the patient will get the maximum benefits.

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