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Top facilities in ihear, the renowned hearing aid center in Kolkata

ihear is a well-known hearing and speech healthcare center in Kolkata West Bengal. It is famous for our state-of-art facilities. ihear is most promising hearing aid center in Kolkata, as our team designed our clinical services ethically, and in a customer-friendly manner.

Our clinical team is empowered by competent audiologists. And This specialized team work together to eradicate speech and hearing impairment with the help of modern technology, and specialized R&D based techniques. Our sole purpose is to detect the original problem and provide correct treatment to ensure successful outcomes.

ihear team provides heartfelt facilities to their customers or patients suffering from hearing, and speech, or balance impairment dedicatedly. ihear is the most reliable hearing aid center in Kolkata, as we provide extraordinary service, and customer-friendly facilities through the combined effort of Certified Audiologist, Clinical psychologist, Speech pathologist, Occupational therapist, and special educationist. The main purpose of the ihear is to diagnose hearing and speech impairment across the different demographic areas of our country.

Facilities and services delivered by ihear, the hearing aid center in Kolkata

Let’s accentuate our facilities and services that constantly support our clients. We have discussed the sole purpose of our services. We believe in a hundred percent outcomes of our services, so we arrange our clinical services in a precise way.

So You can Check our patient-friendly facilities and services here

Our medical team is supported by RCI and ISHA certified Audiologists

ihear provides the best clinical diagnosis and treatment to their patients because our medical team is empowered by RCI an ISHA certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The main pillar of a health care center is their medical team. And ihear medical team is supported by eminent audiologists, qualified special educators, and Consultant psychologist. So that the patient gets proper treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation assistance from us. Our doctors addresses each patient’s problem Carefully, to ensure that they can get true benefits from our services. For that ihear have more than 98%, satisfied clients. And ihear become the best hearing aid and treatment center in Kolkata.

ihear provide best hearing aid in Kolkata

Hearing aid is the most essential instrument for hearing loss treatment, and ihear provide best hearing aid in Kolkata, Our brand manufacture best hearing aid as per patient’s comfort at an affordable cost. ihear team always support their patient to choose the right kind of product and also ensure the given hearing aid is fitted by their experts. So the patient gets the desirable results from the beginning.

We always believe in delivering best quality services and products, so that everyone would love to call us the best hearing aid center in Kolkata. Our team always try to provide our best to automatically adjust your hearing aid, and help you to listen correctly in a crowded environment.ihear also collaborate with most popular brands like Siemens, Resound, Oticon to make the technologically advanced hearing device. Thus We have a wide range of hearing aid, So you can choose your device as per your requirement and budget.

  • Here ihear provides some exchange offer (Term and condition applied). You can exchange your old hearing aid with the new one.
  • We also provide a free product trial service and payment installment facility
  • We Claim money-back guarantee if unsatisfied service or products.
  • ihear team also provide doorstep service for senior citizen people.

ihear is one of the renowned brands because of its huge satisfied client base. They  supply the best hearing aid in Kolkata

Other facilities of ihear, the hearing aid center of Kolkata

ihear not only provide you proper diagnosis by the audiologist, and best hearing aid, but also a trusted brand in the department of Speech therapy, andCochlear implant. We are able to provide the best implantation and speech therapy in your budget.

Cochlear implant

Cochlear implant is an electrical device that partially correct hearing ability, who have severe hearing loss, and hearing aid doesn’t work for them anymore. ihear collaborate with Uttarpara speech and hearing center to bring Cochlear implant service at an affordable cost. More than 30 competent doctors support our clinic to provide risk-free and safe Cochlear implant

Speech therapy

We provide broad spectrum of hearing loss treatment and also conduct different training programs for special children. These training programs boost their mental activity and improve their personality.

We provide a detailed diagnosis of Speech disorder like

  • stammering or shuttering,
  • voice disorder,
  • Child language disorder,

We improve their symptoms by speech therapy. Our expert audiologist and Neurologist treat them very dedicatedly. Because special children are special to us. And we believe in extraordinary treatment.

ihear provides technologically advanced treatment for neurogenic motor speech disorder with the help of proficient doctors and special educationists and mental counselors.

ihear medical panel has certified doctors to treat these kinds of motor-sensory disorders like

  • traumatic injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injury,
  • disability of brain,
  • Apraxia and Dyslexia
  • Dysarthria and Mental retardation

A neuro-developmental disorder like autism interrupts  Social behavior, learning ability, and verbal, nonverbal communication, thus autistic children require special treatment

Apart from Autism, there are different types of neurological injuries related to speech disorders. like Dysarthria, permanent movement disorders like cerebral palsy, Dyslexia or learning disability, and multiple disabilities. We have professional doctors, clinical psychologists, and certified mental counselors to treat them. They address the particular problem of the patient and work on their emotional or social behavior.

hear conduct training programs for special children

ihear hearing and speech health care team conduct different types of training programs for special children having learning, or speech disabilities, like an individual training program, Vocational training programs, and computerized skill training.  These training help them for personal development, and speed up their learning procedure, improve their social and cognitive behavior.

In short, we can say ihear is the trusted brand, and best hearing aid center in Kolkata, for their ethically designed medical services, products, and Customer support at an affordable cost. So the patient can get the best treatment without burning their pockets. So without delaying You can contact us on the given contact details in this website.

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