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Cause and Precaution of hearing Loss, Ultimate guide from hearing loss treatment centre in Kolkata

Hearing loss treatment center in Kolkata find out some common cause of deafness

Hearing loss is undoubtedly a common problem, irrespective of age and gender. Because of undesirable sound pollution, or due to some serious disease and condition, or simply an accumulation of earwax. ihear is the best  Hearing loss treatment center in Kolkata. We want to provide you the best guidance to maintain your hearing ability and protect your listening capacity. Because we believe that the audio-visual capacity of the human being is god gifted blessings. And our responsibility to take care of it.

So, here we will talk about some medical conditions, that can harm your listening ability.

Cause and precaution suggested by renowned hearing loss treatment center in Kolkata

1. Rupture of eardrum

The rupture of the eardrum is a small tear or hole in your tympanic membrane or eardrum. When a sound wave enters into your ear, this membrane vibrates. You can hear any sound due to this vibration. If this membrane gets damaged, your hearing can be suffered. This is also known as the perforated eardrum. And it causes permanent hearing loss.

2. Otitis Media or middle ear infection

Otitis media caused by Viral or Bacterial attacks. That infection is responsible for inflammation of the eardrum area, and its surroundings. This middle ear infection is very common among children. Otitis media or ear infection mainly takes place in the winter or the beginning of the spring.

You must take medical treatment if you have an infection with pain and fever.

3. Avoid inserting foreign objects through the ear.

In the medical aspect, the foreign object is that object which is inside our body but does not belong there. Foreign objects inserted into our body by accidentally or unknowingly. In most of the cases, children swallow or insert foreign material through the nose or ear. And that object stuck into their ear, and create the problem. Sometimes it becomes life-threatening.

So if some foreign objects stuck into your ear, please take immediate medical help.

4. Meniere’s disease

Meniere’s disease is the disease of the inner ear, this is a chronic disease. Our inner ear is responsible for physical balance and listening to any sound.  This medical condition develops vertigo or a feeling that you are about to fall( You may feel physically disbalance). Meniere disease mainly affects a single ear. It is curable by medical treatment.

Doctors said that it happens due to the alteration of fluid in the tube of the inner ear. Other causes are autoimmune disorder, genetic, or allergy, infections. Best audiologists in Kolkata

5. Labyrinthitis

This is inner ear complication. We have two vestibular nerves associated with the inner ear. That transmits information to our brain, and maintain physical balance. When one of these nerves gets inflammated, Labyrinthitis takes place.

Inflammation of Labyrinthitis occurs due to viral or bacterial infection. Common symptoms of Labyrinthitis are Loss of hearing, dizziness, nausea.

6. Acoustic trauma

Acoustic trauma is the injury or damage of the inner ear. This type of injury takes place due to the high exposure of sound. This is a serious consequence of sound pollution. Long term exposure to high decibel sound (more than 80 Decibel) can cause eardrum rupture. Hearing loss treatment centre in Kolkata

Eardrum protects our inner part of the ear, and maintains transmission of sound through the middle ear. But Acoustic trauma interrupts the entire process. hence hearing loss takes place

7. Ear barotraumas

Ear barotrauma is the complication of ear due change of pressure. Eustachian tube of ear connects our ear, throat, and nose. When this tube gets blocked, you feel barotraumas. This medical condition is common for high altitude areas. Best audiologists in Kolkata

Apart from the above seven common causes, there are many serious conditions where someone can lose their hearing.

They include Brain tumor, Brain cancer, Cerebral palsy, Infection of the outer part of the ear, Head injury, and lead poisoning.

Common precaution to prevent hearing Loss-Suggested by Hearing Loss treatment center in Kolkata

If you want to maintain your hearing ability till your elderly age, then maintain some guidelines given by ihear, the renowned hearing loss treatment in Kolkata. Because we believe in prevention is better than cure formula.  ihear is one of the best speech and hearing loss treatment center in Kolkata, West Bengal. And our medical team cares for our patients dedicatedly. Our experienced medical professionals used to serve very precise diagnosis, and checkup for any kind of your hearing Loss issue. Best audiologists in Kolkata. Hearing loss treatment centre in Kolkata

They give some guidelines to prevent hearing loss problems irrespective of age. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Stay away from loud sound

To maintain good ear health, avoid loud noise. Because loud sound is capable enough to damage your middle ear membrane.  Experts say that any sound more than 85 decibels is dangerous for our ear. To avoid long term exposure to loud noise.

2. Maintain a decent volume while listening to music

For the young generation and teenagers, phones and headphones are unavoidable things in their bags. But listening to music, in more than recommended volume, for a long time can harm your ear continuously. It can damage your hearing power permanently. Thus create a permanent headache. Hearing loss treatment centre in Kolkata

So, try to avoid earphones or headphones as much as possible. Don’t just turn up music volume to ignore outside sound pollution. Keep your music system volume 60% of its maximum volume. Best audiologists in Kolkata

Don’t use your earphones for more than 45 minutes continuously. It can cause nausea and headache too.  So take a break while using headphones.

3. Maintain your ear hygiene

Accumulation of ear wax in the ear may cause temporary ear loss and infection. This is common for children and adults. So clean your ear routinely with the medicated earbud. Don’t use foreign material to clean your ear.  As it may damage your inner membrane. That is Responsible for permanent hearing Loss

4. Test your hearing ability if you feel discomfort

If you feel any kind of hearing discomfort, check your hearing ability from your nearest clinic( Baseline hearing Checkup), as soon as possible. Because early checkup can prevent your permanent or temporary hearing loss. Elderly people (more than 65) are more prone to hearing loss,  in this case routinely checkup is mandatory. Hearing loss is a serious problem for social well being, as it interrupts our quality of life.

Last but not least, If you feel any discomfort like pain, swelling, bleeding in your ear, don’t ignore it. It may be the symptom of internal infection. Contact your nearest clinic for medical help. You can check ihear website for seeking help. ihear is the best hearing loss treatment center in Kolkata, best audiologists in Kolkata due to their extraordinary services and state-of-art facilities.

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